Leave the hero behind


Black Sheep Coffee was started in London by friends who were flatmates at uni and decided to quit their jobs on the same day to #LeaveTheHerdBehind and stay awake for the rest of their lives. Co-founders Gabriel and Eirik still run the business today and made it their mission to challenge the establishment, take down the big corporate brands, and rid the world of boring, average-tasting coffee. They travel to the plantations throughout the year to monitor the growing, picking and drying process, ensuring local farmers share the benefits of our trade and only the best quality beans make it into your cup. Whether it be our famous Robusta Revival (the first and only Specialty-grade 100% Robusta on the market), or our delicious Blue Volcano from a plantation in Papua New Guinea at the flank of an active volcano, all our coffees have a unique story to tell. Black Sheep comes from humble beginnings and a boot-strapped approach to starting a business. When the company was founded in 2013, Gabriel and Eirik served coffee from a trestle table and a rented espresso machine in Camden Town and later from a small coffee van on Leather Lane. It took two long years with a series of pop-ups throughout London and a Kickstarter campaign for them to gather enough money to open their first kiosk in Aldgate East. Since then they have refused to raise any money from Private Equity houses, Venture Capital funds, or any other form of institutional backers to preserve the independence of the Black Sheep brand. To this day, the business has been funded by customers only and our founders still run and actively manage our company. So what's our secret?
  • ☕Only source the best beans in the world
  • 💪Only hire the best baristas in town
  • ♻Get rid of plastic
  • ❤Support our homeless community
  • 🤟Never fear competition, open right next door instead
  • 👣Leave The Herd Behind
  • 😎Repeat
Single Origin Specialty Coffees
India Strong Robusta Smooth & Silky, Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut

Our house espresso is the famous Robusta Revival, a coffee with buttery, strong flavour notes, boasting double the caffeine of a regular cup of joe. This coffee is delicate enough for a quick espresso, yet has the complexity to hold its own in a milk-based drink.

Cajamarca, Peru SMOOTH Smooth & Silky, Milk Chocolate, Malt

Swiss Decaf is prepared using the Swiss water method and has all the flavour of our caffeinated varieties without the caffeine hit, so you don't have to compromise on taste.

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia FRUITY ARABICA Blueberries, Strawberries, Apples

Love Berries is our fruity, lighter coffee bean served as a freshly brewed filter coffee. The beans are dried naturally in the sun allowing them to soak up all that fruity flavour from the surrounding coffee cherry.

Papua New Guinea Balanced Arabica Black Tea, Red Berries, Malt

A 100% Arabica coffee sourced from the high mountain tops of Papua New Guinea, Blue Volcano is served as a perfectly balanced espresso. It’s an A grade Arabica hand picked and washed in the fresh waters of the Tua river, just for you.

Our Signature Coffee


Nitro Cold Brew is, you guessed it, a cold brew coffee charged with nitrogen. It’s poured through a Guinness style tap to produce a rich, creamy, stout-like head, perfect with or without ice.


This drink is inspired by traditional Ethiopian warriors who would take coffee grinds, roll them into a ball with animal fat, and munch on them before heading out to hunt. This combo slowed the release of the caffeine and sustained their energy for the long day ahead. At Black Sheep Coffee we created our signature drink by combining the power of our Robusta Revival with organic coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon, to create a powerful and delicious latte style drink.


Homelessness often means severe isolation and potentially spending days without interacting with another human. A cup of coffee and banter with a barista can really turn someone's day around. But not everyone can afford a warm cup of coffee and we're on a mission to change this, but we need your help! Donate your full loyalty card or purchase a "Suspended Coffee" for only £2 and you'll helping make someone's day a little bit brighter.