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Business Timeline

Business Timeline


  • 5 Employees
  • 0.2 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £19K Sales
  • 0 Sites
  • August 2013, Gabriel and Eirik quit their jobs and moved to London
    to rid the world of boring, average-tasting coffee
  • Served the first cups of Robusta Revival coffee from pop-up shops in
    Camden and street markets in East London Initial capital of
    £80K represented their entire savings plus start-up loans from the


  • 8 Employees
  • 5.8 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £310K Sales
  • 0 Sites
  • Operated seven pop-up shops across London by year end
  • Black Sheep Coffee was the best seller in Whole Foods Market
  • By year end Black Sheep Coffee supplied 50+ wholesale customers
    with beans, equipment and training


  • 16 Employees
  • 14 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £489K Sales
  • 1 Sites
  • Opened first permanent site, a Kiosk in Aldgate Tower in East London
  • Discontinued all other sales channels to focus on shop retail


  • 43 Employees
  • 16.2 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £1.4M Sales
  • 5 Sites
  • Introduced two new site formats, the Café with broader product
    offering and the All-Day concept with cocktails and craft beer
  • Launched the Black Sheep Coffee App with a digital loyalty scheme


  • 141 Employees
  • 32.7 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £3.8M Sales
  • 17 Sites
  • New sites including the flagship Leadenhall Building
    (”Cheesegrater”) as well as Amazon’s new HQ Principal Place in
  • Identified first franchise partner for the Philippines
  • Hired senior management team


  • 198 Employees
  • 49.4 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £7.9M Sales
  • 25 Sites
  • Opened first franchised store in Manila, Philippines
  • Reached 27% Like-For-Like quarterly sales growth in shop estate (Q4'18)


  • 286 Employees
  • 60 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £12.4M Sales
  • 36 Sites
  • LFL sales across Black Sheep Coffee estate: 21%
  • Opened 11 new sites, including in Oxford, a new UK market, and a
    second franchise site in Manila. Launched online coffee subscription
    and international web-shop
  • Appointed 3 new members to the board of directors


  • 238 Employees
  • 42 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £5.9M Sales
  • 37 Sites
  • Opened 1 new site in Battersea Power Station
  • Launched delivery model, partnering with Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eats


  • 353 Employees
  • 68 Tonnes of Coffee
  • £11.4M Sales
  • 49 Sites
  • Opened 14 new sites, including in Scotland, a new UK market, first UK franchise site in Birmingham and first site in Paris
  • Launched new app and self order screens

2022 🚀

  • What’s on the cards for Black Sheep Coffee in 2022 and beyond? With a pipeline of over 50 sites in the UK, and more franchisees coming on board, the sky is the limit for Black Sheep Coffee in 2022. As we open both franchised and corporate sites in the UK, we will also be making waves in the US with our first sites launching in Texas in the later part of 2022.🤠 Our goal is to be the biggest speciality coffee chain in the UK, and we are on track to achieve this vision.
  • There has never been a better time to come on board and join us on this exciting journey. ☑️

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