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16th June - Principal Place

16th June - Principal Place



Principal Place 10 Hearn Street, London EC2A 3BR


Think you know coffee? Think again. This fun and playful coffee Masterclass from Black Sheep Coffee will change how you view and brew coffee forever. It starts with welcome cocktails and ends on how to make the perfect home brew. In between, you’ll learn about the bean’s journey from farm to cup, how to judge the perfect cup of coffee, and what a barista’s life is really like. You’ll even have a go at making your own café latte (with a heart on top) and learn the theory and techniques for creating the best brews you possibly can. 


  • Start with some delicious WELCOME COCKTAILS
  • Learn about the JOURNEY OF THE BEAN from farm to cup
  • Get behind the machine and try you your hand at pouring the perfect LATTE ART
  • Learn how to make the PERFECT HOME BREW with V60
  • TAKE HOME your choice of freshly grounded Black Sheep Coffee beans

Attend this Masterclass for only £55 per person. Book your ticket today for one of our monthly events!

Or why not book in your own private group masterclass for your team of colleagues or friends! Available on request.



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