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Free Coffee Board

Anthony lives in London but when the night comes he's got no home to go back to, no roof over his head and with winter now upon us, a hot cup of coffee goes a long way! Like many, he makes use of our FREE COFFEE BOARD initiative and over the months he's become a regular and made friends with our awesome general manager Yasmine who knows his usual before he even has time to order. Sometimes Anthony comes early in the morning and helps out with opening the shop and putting out the tables. He says it's nice to know that someone is expecting him.


Anyone can donate their free coffee or buy a coffee for the Free Coffee Board at a fraction of the price of a coffee in any of our shops to help our initiative.


Homelessness isn’t just about sleeping rough. All too often it also means isolation and loneliness. Even in a big city like London, homeless men and women can go several days without exchanging a single word with anyone, or even making eye contact with another human being. Sometimes, ordering a coffee and chatting with a barista who knows you by your first name is more important than the coffee itself. So, help us spread the word about the #FreeCoffeeInitiative and together, let’s fight social exclusion one coffee at a time.

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