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20% Off at Black Sheep Coffee Stores for all students

Register with UNiDAYS to verify your student status and get your 20% discount code, plus an extra benefit on Mondays.


We will now be offering a 20% discount off our entire menu to UNiDAYS members in the United Kingdom


To use the UNiDAYS promotion:

  • ‍Click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ button on our website
  • ‍You will prompted to either verify or sign in to UNiDAYS and you will then receive a promo code
  • Enter your unique promo code provided by UNiDAYS during checkout. One single-use code per transaction.
  • You will receive: 20% off your entire purchase. No exclusions.
  • Can be used only in the United Kingdom


This promo code:

  • Starts: 18/03/2024
  • Ends: 18/03/2025
  • Can be used only in the United Kingdom.
  • Only one code can be used per transaction.

For more information, please see the terms and conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limits to how many times I can use the 20% off?

You can only use a single-use promo code once, but you can reveal as many new unique codes as you like. Lucky you, it is totally UNLIMITED.

Can I use UNiDAY's with any other offer?

No you cannot stack any other offer, it is one discount code per transaction.

Is it valid for all students including post grads?

No, this is currently only available for enrolled students.

Can I use it across all Black Sheep Stores?

Yes it can be used across all U.K stores.

Can I use it internationally?

Not yet but we're hoping to roll it out internationally later this year.

Can I use it on your e-commerce site?

The discount code cannot be used on e-commerce but keep out for special promos that will pop up throughout the year.

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