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Takeaway cups & packaging

Ridding the business of plastic has been a core pillar of our business since its inception in 2013. Black Sheep Coffee has been ahead of the curve and used 100% compostable takeaway cups, PLA plastic alternatives and used products that can be recycled. As the technology advances, we continue to seek out the next best solution to our disposable packaging. We want to ensure that we are the leaders of the pack, both giving us and the customers the comfort we are doing our bit for the wider good. Black Sheep Coffee has always been a proud proponent of sustainability with a guiding principle to reduce our environmental impact wherever possible. Over the years, we have come up with some innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint. From the days when we proudly used only compostable takeaway cups, PLA plastic alternatives and used products that can be recycled, Black Sheep Coffee is proud to say that it has always been ahead of the curve.

Coffee Grounds

We have closed the loop in the disposal of our specialty coffee grounds. Working in partnership with an ethical cosmetics company, our spent coffee is re-purposed into natural, sustainable, vegan and cruelty free cosmetic products.

Food Waste

The utmost care is taken to sourcing our specialty coffee beans responsibly and we support local UK producers for the majority of our core products, which include milk, smoothie and shake pouches, pastries, toasties, bagels, cakes and our cold pressed juice. We hate to see food go to waste and in the bin. We post our food once it is coming to the end of its display life on the Karma platform which allows the local community to buy food and juices half price.


Our main waste contractor supports us as a business in respect of separating and recycling cardboard, paper, glass, PET bottles and other plastics. We also partner with an energy provider who uses energy from 100% green sources, and we even check our cleaning chemicals and ensure that they have green credentials. Sustainability has been at the heart of our business since we started in 2013. As we have grown, so has our commitment to doing right by our environment and by other businesses with whom we share this planet.

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